Psychodrama and social intervention

  • Leila Maria Vieira Kim
Keywords: Social intervention, scientific technique, action-research, utopia and culture


This paper offers a broad perspective of the role of the psychodramatistresearcher as an active agent, who intervenes both technically and politically in an attempt to resolve problems of social reality. It briefly compares speculative and vanguard sciences, defining psychodrama as scientific knowledge. It emphasises the need for the researcher to distinguish between participative observation, participative strategies of planning and action-research, in order to gain mastery of the scientific technique for social intervention. In the author's view, it is in the realm of action-research that the psychodramatist will find his true role as researcher. Within this role he builds a path to utopia with the objective to enable the historical re-direction of the course of social movements, interfering politically with the 'cultural conserves'.


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