• José Carlos Landini Instituto de Psicodrama Campinas
Keywords: Sacred sex, spontaneity, sex in humanity, socionomy


The author of this paper reflects on the absence of sexuality in Moreno’s work. Inspired by his therapeutic work, having visited the Italian city of Pompey and an exhibition at the Museum of Pre-Colombian Art in Santiago de Chile about the Moche tribe who lived in what today is Peru between the 1st and 8th century, and having red about the sexuality of these cultures as well as the extensive bibliography about Egypt, the author observes similarities between the customs of these populations living at great geographical and temporal distances from each other. Bringing these experiences together with the revolutionary changes in women’s sexuality that took place at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, inspired the author to reflect on this subject and write this somewhat polemic paper. While Moreno’s theory is underpinned by the spontaneity/ creativity binomial, the author always felt it lacks considerations regarding how sex contributes to human personality, as in the absence of spontaneity and creativity sex becomes an empty exercise; therefore the author wonders whether sex would have any particular value or function in our personal development. He believes that is has, and explores why Moreno might have ignored this subject, when Freud saw it as central in the development
of the personality and self.


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Author Biography

José Carlos Landini, Instituto de Psicodrama Campinas

Professor supervisor do IPPG CAMPINAS e da Febrap


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