The technique of image-making using fabrics in the pshychodrama with pubescent

  • Rosana Maria de Sousa Rebouças
Keywords: Puberty, psychodrama, psychotherapy, image


This paper explores the technique of image-making using fabrics, as proposed by Jaime G. Rojas-Bermúdez for Psychodrama work with pubescent. This form of intervention has been evaluated through the means of clinical experience. There were no references found in the researched literature with regards to the use of this technique in puberty. I will re-visit puberty in light on Bermudez’s ‘Nucleus of the I’ theory. I will also make references to other authors in order to better understand aspects of the human development that are typical to this phase. Following this I introduce the technique of image-making and its theoretical background, trying to link this to puberty. Finally, I will illustrate the use of this technique through a clinical example, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of this intervention with this particular client group.


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