Production of Brazilian Psychodrama articles: systematic review (1996-2014)

  • Paulo Coelho Castelo Branco
  • Heitor Blesa Farias
  • Cândida de Oliveira Carpes
  • Laryssa Soares Leite
Keywords: Database, Psychodrama, Literature Review


The objective is to analyse articles on Psychodrama in Brazilian periodicals. The method used was the systematic review of literature for 98 articles published from 1996-2014, organized in the following categories: year; type of article; area of discussion; periodical; institutional affiliation. The results show: increased production from 2011-2014; predominance of theoretical articles; predominance of clinical discussions; concentration of publications in a periodical; wide dissemination of national and international affiliations related to authors who have produced articles on Psychodrama. We conclude that Psychodrama has been presented in academic circles of dissemination in Brazil, expanding the legacy of Jacob Moreno concerning the interface between practical knowledge and scientific knowledge.


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